It All Adds Up

It’s simple math, right? You pay your deposit on a bottle or can, you get a nickel back. Well that math goes a lot farther than your local grocery store, especially here in Oregon. When you add it up, we’ve made some huge improvements to the environment and economy of our state, just by returning bottles and cans. Sure, one container might not seem like much, but how about the 1 billion + bottles and cans kept out of parks, beaches, and landfills every year? Do the math: when you return your bottles and cans, it all adds up.

Environmental benefits

  • 135 million pounds of containers are kept out of landfills each year
  • 100% of redeemed containers are used to make hundreds of products including fleece jackets, carpeting, baseball bats, license plates, and insulation, as well as new beverage containers
  • As the number of plastic bottles in the marketplace has increased, we've found better ways to recycle and remanufacture them.

Economic benefits

  • Returned bottles and cans are sent to processing plants around the state, maintaining local jobs and supporting Oregon's economy
  • Many returned containers are recycled and remanufactured right here in Oregon
  • Every year, more than 1,000 organizations, teams and other clubs across the state host bottle and can drives, many earning thousands of dollars for their group!
  • Products produced from locally recycled materials further support Oregon's economy and industry